Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Customer Service Coaching

Last week, I mentioned that I am a corporate trainer by trade. However, several years ago, I added life coach to my professional mix after earning my Core Coaching Certification from Coach Inc. Life coaching is usually a personal pursuit. However, there is an entire arm of coaching devoted to business or corporate coaching.

Be it personal or professional, a coach does the same thing for an individual as a coach does for an athlete or team. A coach helps create the plays, supervises the practices, and gives motivation and encouragement (or tough talk when needed). They get you ready to play the game. However, the coach is never the one to get out on the field and play the game. The coach prepares the coachee to play the game.

In customer service, I feel there is a definite place for coaching and I've even seen companies that use the term 'coach'. However, I have seen very few companies use that word effectively.

A coach isn't someone whose job is to tell you what you are doing wrong. A coach isn't an on-the-job therapist or a sounding board for a litany of complaints.
  • A coach does address what can be improved but a true coach helps the CSR come up with things they can do differently or ways they can improve.
  • A coach offers acknowledgement for things the CSR does well.
  • A coach lets the CSR own their own successes and short-comings.
Next week, I’ll give you some suggestions for how to conduct your own coaching sessions.