Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Putting the C-U-S-T-O-M-E-R in Customer Service

The customer service rep should strive to be...

Courteous – customer service representatives should be courteous, polite and otherwise pleasant to speak to. Courteous is a simple way to show respect.

Understanding – Listening and repeating back what was said is a simple way to show that you understand the customers concerns.

Satisfaction – Satisfaction should be the ultimate goal. The customer should hang up or walk away confident that their issues have been addressed and resolved. They should feel satisfied.

Time SensitiveTime is of the essence. Address the customer’s concerns as quickly and completely as possible. Avoid long waits and hold times whenever possible.

Organization – Organization helps move the process along smoothly. Keep the items used most often closest to you. Keep any job aids or ‘cheat sheets’ close by so you can access them immediately.

Managing the situationYou are in control of the situation. You have the information the customer needs. You have the answer to the problem. You have the ability to control unruly customers.

Empathy – Acknowledge how the customer is feeling especially if they are emotional (angry, upset or annoyed). Don’t ignore their emotion and don’t give in to it either, but recognize their feelings.

Rapport – Connect and converse (briefly) with the customer. You are dealing with a real person, a little rapport goes a long way in creating excellent customer service.