Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Customer Service Training Comes Full Circle

As a trainer who's used off-the-shelf customer training curriculums, it always amazed me that the focus of customer service training dealt solely with the customer. The customer is right. The customer needs to have a good experience. The customer, customer, customer! Yet, how can a customer service professional (CSP) create a good experience for the customer if they aren't having a good experience themselves?

This is the question that led me to write The Colors of Customer Service - bringing customer service full circle by addressing the apathy, discontentment and frustration that many CSPs feel and then telling them how to address the customers concerns.

Now, I've taken the book a step further by designing a training kit to deliver The Colors of Customer Service training. The kit can be used and modified by seasoned training professionals or used by managers and others who have little to no training experience.

The kit includes:

Participant's Guide: This can be copies and binded and given to participants. It contains a Customer Service Quiz that gauges their levels of apathy, discontentment and frustration. It leads them through a series of exercised designed to increase their levels of engagement and job satisfaction.

Facilitator's Guide: This mirrors the participant guid but includes suggestions for training delivery as well as a to-do list for the training and a breakdown of topics by time so they can keep on schedule

PowerPoint Presentation: Following the order of the guides, the presentation contains slide notes that give suggestions on what to add with each slide. Electronically, there are two presentations, one with animation and another without.

Exercises: There are two exercises designed for small groups. These exercises deal with difficult personality types as well as managing change.

I am excited about the book and the training kit. The training is designed for a full traiing day (6 hours) but the beauty of the kit is that it can be broken down and customized to fit whatever scheduling challenges you might be facing.